Privacy Policy

We take your privacy very seriously at Angle Drone Solutions Inc. From the time of capturing the images on your property to the time we deliver the final product to you, we strive to maintain the privacy of everyone involved.

When we capture images at a property, we are very much aware that neighboring properties want to maintain their privacy. We therefore try to never overfly a neighboring property unless we have previously discussed it with the property owner. In the rare case that it does occur, every effort to leave quickly will be made.

When we capture images, we review them for any that may have personally identifiable images of individuals. If we find some that meet this category, we place them aside and determine if we need them for the project. If so, we attempt to gain written permission to use the image from the person in the picture. If permission isn’t granted, or we determine we do not need the picture for the project, the image is deleted. No images are left on our drones beyond the day we take the images, and all images are reviewed that day per the previous mentioned policy. 

All images we capture are stored on our computer with limited access. We archive old projects so the images can be retrieved should we need them for a future project. Again, no images with personally identifiable information will be stored or archived. 

Should you have any concerns about this policy or any images that you may have seen on this website, please contact us by any of the methods mentioned on our Contact Us page.

Thank you for your interest in our policy.