Angle Standoff Vehicle

April 22, 2020 – The Angle Standoff Vehicle was first announced on April 22nd through a Facebook post and advertisement. Designed with Police Departments in mind, this vehicle allows officers to communicate important information without having to directly approach people. This could also be useful for other groups needing a similar type of social distancing perspective. The video below shows it in action and demonstrates many important features:
0:30 – Ability to climb a grassy hill
0:54 – Ability to stop on the down slope without slipping or tipping forward
1:25 – Ability to turn the camera around remotely so the driver can see where he is backing
2:00 – Demonstration of one-way communication from operator to people nearby

April 29, 2020 – First prototype has about 30 minutes of testing on it and a second prototype has been completed. A few changes are being looked at by having these two different prototypes running:

1. The first obvious change is the light on the front. Prototype one was built with a LED flashlight with two light level settings for the headlight. On prototype two, this has been replaced by a Lume Cube, which has ten light level settings and can be controlled through a Bluetooth connection.
2. Prototype one uses NiMH batteries for its main energy source. Prototype two is powered by Lithium Ion batteries.
3. The bracket used to support the camera has been modified on prototype two to ease access to the camera.

May 1, 2020 – Lots going on over the past two days.

1. A new mount for the light was developed that would allow it to be pointed in any direction desired. These will be tested a little later once the prototypes have some more time on them and any early reliability issues have been worked out.

2. Prototype 1 was driven for over 29 minutes on Friday. Spent a lot more time driving on the grass hill and have a video loaded below showing what the vehicle can do.

3. Prototype 1 was also driven into a confined area and backed out of there with just the camera for reference. Short video below of that experience.

4. Prototype 2 was driven for over 16 minutes on Friday. It saw a combination of both the grassy hill and pavement on its first full day of testing. A quick video of it standing still and showing its headlight at 50% is shown below.

May 3, 2020 – We were out with Prototype 2 again. This time we ran it for just over 30 minutes just after sunset and you can really see how effective the head light is in the video below.

May 7, 2020 – Prototype 1 & 2 saw extensive testing today. Prototype 1 ran 27 minutes and Prototype 2 ran for 30 minutes. We are not taking it easy on these two vehicles, as the video below shows.

Prototype 1 had some extensive changes made before today’s testing. The camera was raised up to help with some communication issues. The flashlight has been replaced with one of the new adjustable mounts. After 27 minutes of testing with some rough terrain, no problems noted.

May 9, 2020Prototype 1 saw its first real crash today. A few seconds of distraction lead to the vehicle running off a curb and tipping on its side. Luckily, no major damage and testing continued for more than 15 minutes afterwards for a total of over 31 minutes today. For a view of the crash and the resulting damage, watch the video below.

May 14, 2020 – Angle Drone Solutions has been working all week to develop a way to have a two-way communication on our vehicle. We did not want to show the collection of parts that went into making this happen, but we are closer. The radio in the video is in a garage and the unit for the vehicle is in the next room. It is being triggered the same way a person who would control the vehicle would trigger the radio. You can hear some servo whine in the audio and the person talking is about six feet away from the vehicle unit speaking in a normal voice. Short video below.

May 20, 2020 – Angle Drone Solutions was back out testing tonight. With so much rain this past week we needed to be sure the ground was dry before going out. Prototype 2 was tested for 27 minutes tonight and we found out what happens when the batteries hit their discharge limit … the vehicle stopped dead. We knew it was getting low and tried pushing it up the grassy hit one last time. It just could not do it.

No videos from tonight, but we wanted to show that the camera could take more than just videos. Below is a panoramic photo taken from the top of the grassy hill by the Angle Standoff Vehicle.


May 21, 2020 – Angle Drone Solutions was back out tonight testing Prototype 1. We managed to get 30 minutes of run time on it despite running the front wheels off the curb early on. No damage and we were able to get the vehicle back up on the curb without any outside assistance. Watch the video below to see how “well” this went.

May 22, 2020 – Prototype 2 was run for over 30 minutes without incident.